This is Solar Farm country (Northern Cape)

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy's Independent Power Producer's Office says the Northern Cape now has 59 renewable energy projects across a range of clean energy technologies, including solar, wind and hydro in 2021.

The total power installed capacity in 2021 is around 58,000 MW. The breakdown of generation is as follows:
  • Hydro - 3,500 MW - 6% of generation capacity 
  • Thermal (mainly coal) - 48,000 MW - 80% of generation capacity
  • Wind - 2,500 MW - 4% of generation capacity
  • Solar - 2,500 MW - 4% of generation capacity
There are plans in place to increase renewable energy generation to 18,000 MW in the future.

The below image indicates the average annual sun model for South Africa. Hence why the Northern Cape is the primary focus for Solar farms.
We have put together a few of the Solar Farms on this website. They are:
The capacity of each plant ranges from 50 MW to 175 MW each. Refer to each individual link for more information on each site. The above figures changes continuously and are dated for 2021.