Khi Solar One (NE Keimoes 40km)

Khi Solar One is a Tower Solar Thermal power plant, producing 50MW. It is the 1st tower plant in Africa, covering an area of 140 hectares. It can supply power to 45,000 households. 

The tower stands 205m tall and there are 4,200 mirror like walls. These are tilted at an angle that reflects the sun’s rays onto the top of the tower. Each panel has an autonomous computerised control system with a GPS signal that tells it the exact time of day.

This determines which angle the sun is at and which angle it should be in for light to be reflected to the top of the tower.

The tower is filled with black tubes to absorb heat from the reflection. When the sun’s rays are reflected onto the tubes, the water heats to boiling point and becomes steam, creating enough pressure to turn the turbine to produce electricity.

Refer to this video on the workings of Concentrated Solar Power and Parabolic Through Plants.