Zero Carbon Charge comes to SA

Zero Carbon Charge plans to create a network of chargers that will allow South African drivers to travel across the country in the knowledge that there are charging stations located every 150km along their route.
The network will launch with 120 charging stations at destinations like farm stalls, shops and spas across the country, with plans to expand to 150 stations in the near future.
Zero Carbon Charge will commence with the construction of its first charging station in July 2022.
  • A national network of electric chargers on all the strategic routes in South Africa.
  • A cheaper and more sustainable way to travel – all 100% powered by green energy.
  • Our ultra fast electric chargers can charge your electric vehicle in as little as 20 minutes.
Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles produce 29% of the carbon emissions on earth. It is simply not sustainable for the future of our planet to keep producing them. 

Electric vehicles offer a solution in this regard, provided that they are not reliant on the burning of fossil fuels. Zero Carbon Charge powers our electric chargers with energy from the wind and the sun, which means there is virtually no impact on the planet.
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