Kgalagadi 4x4 Trails & Overnight Camping

Booking absolutely essential. And please, these are all eco routes. No trailors. Garbage in, garbage out. Do not make yourself guilty to this offence.
  • SA. Leeuwdril 4x4 Trail - 13km. You book this at Twee Rivieren.
  • SA. !Xaus 4x4 Trail - 59km & 91 dunes
    • Exclusive to !Xaus overnight visitors.
  • SA. Nossob 4x4 Ecotrail - 214km
    • Guided 3 night wilderness camping experience
  • SA. Bitterpan 4x4 Trail - 120km.
    • Exclusive to Bitterpan overnight visitors.
  • Bot. Mabuasehube to Nossob one-way Wilderness 4x4 Trail - 155km
  • Bot. Mabua Kaa 4x4 trail 2 way route.
  • Bot. Polentswa Wilderness one-way 4x4 Trail - 257km
    • 4 night wilderness camping experience. If your expectation is to see many animals on this trail, this is not for you. Please engage 4x4 to save the tracks. Bees can be a problem (see image below), especially after winter. But thankfully they disappear at dusk.
  • SA. Gharagab 4x4 one-way Trail - 61km
    • Exclusive to Gharagab overnight visitors.
  • Bot. Kaa Game Viewing 4x4 Trail - 191km
    • Wilderness camping experience.
SA side trails. Tel: 27 (0)12 428 9111. eMail:
Botswana side trails. Tel: 2673180774 eMail:

Typical campsite on Polentswa trail. There is only a signpost. That's it.
A-frames at Polentswa campsite. Start of Polentswa trail.
We had to abandon the dishwashing till dusk.
On return from the Polentswa trail we had to cross the Nossob to get to the main road again. This was during the month of September