Kalahari-Oranje Museum (Upington)

The Curator of the museum is Jolene va Niekerk. The museum is housed in the building Reverend Christiaan Schroder built in 1875 to function as a church and a mission.
The donkey played an important role in the development of the land. This life sized bronze sculpture was done by Hennie Potgieter. The role of the donkies are also referred to in this article.

During his time in prison, Barry Bekebeke crafted this boat out of pegs with his inmates.

And this one was done with matchsticks by Barry!
Die dorp se naam is afkomstig van Sir Thomas Upington wat die gebied in 1879 besoek het om n polisiemag hier tot stand te bring. 
Then there is a whole lot of other history displayed at this museum.