Subantarctic Fur Seal * Subantarktiese Pelsrob * Arctocephalus Tropicalis

By Nicolas Servera ( -
The southern regions of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans are where they can be found. In comparison to other fur seals, the subantarctic fur seal is modest in size. Females only reach lengths of 1.4 m and weights of 50 kg, whilst males can reach lengths of 2 m and 160 kg. 

The orange color on the chest makes it easy to identify subantarctic species. Females are a lighter gray, while males have a back that ranges from dark gray to black. Puppies are born black, but they molt after around three months.

Since they were hunted for their pelts during the 19th century, there are only about 300,000 subantarctic fur seals still in existence today, a number that is significantly lower than when they were originally found in 1810.

Subantarctic fur seals hunt in shallow waters at night, when myctophid fish come close to the surface. They also feed on squid.