Southern Right Whale * Suidkaper * Eubalaena Australis

They are rather active on the water's surface and show curiosity about human vessels, just like other right whales do. Compared to the other two northern species, southern rights seem to be more social and energetic.

The southern right whale's ability to use its high flukes to catch the wind and stay in one spot for an extended period of time is known as tail sailing. It is most frequently observed off the coasts of Argentina and South Africa and seems to be a type of play.
Sailing behaviour
13,611 southern right whales were estimated to exist worldwide in 2009.

Whale watching has become popular in Hermanus, South Africa. More than 100 whales are known to visit the Hermanus region during the southern right whale migration, which occurs between June and October during the Southern Hemisphere winter. The whales can be observed in the region with their young as they travel to Walker Bay to mate and give birth.

From July to October, whales can be viewed from the shore in False Bay, and from July to December, southern right whales can also be found in Plettenberg Bay and Algoa Bay. They can be seen from land as well as from boats, and authorized operators run ocean safaris all year long.

The majority of recorded whale sightings in Namibia are confined to an area south of Luderitz on the country's southwest coast. Few animals travel further north to traditional breeding sites like Walvis Bay, but their numbers are gradually growing.

Industrial whaling was introduced at the start of the 20th century, and the catch increased quickly. Records kept by whalers show that by 1937, 38,000 whales in the South Atlantic, 39,000 in the South Pacific, and 1,300 in the Indian Ocean had been harpooned.

Threats to southern right whales include ship strikes and being entangled in fishing gear. A whale's skin can be cut through by entangled fishing gear, which can result in infection, amputation, and death. Whale communication may be hampered by noise produced by human operations such as dredging and drilling in the ocean.
Other Common Names
Suidelike Noordkaper
Suidelike Noordkapper
Suidelike Regtewalvis

Black Right Whale
Southern Right Whale
Southern Right Whale (Tohora)