Pygmy Killer Whale * Dwergmoordvis * Feresa Attenuata

Walvis Dolphin Dolfyn
Pygmy killer whales have been seen in groups of four to thirty or more. It has several shared characteristics with the orca, also known as the killer whale, from which it derives its common name.

The species is aggressive in captivity, but does not show this aggressive behaviour in the wild. Just over two meters is the typical length (6.5 ft.). 

Pygmy killer whales use echolocation, just like other dolphins. Their echolocation frequency range is between 70–85 kHz, but can range from 32 to 100 kHz. During echolocating they produce 8-20 clicks per second at an average of 200 decibels (loudness).

Little is known about their global population numbers, but in the tropical Pacific Ocean almost 39,000 were estimated. They have also been found in the south-west Indian Ocean, including South African waters. Sightings are very rare.