Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin * Indo-Pasifiese Stompneusdolfyn * Tursiops Aduncus

Their length is around 2.6m and they weigh up to 230kg (510lb). The Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin is smaller than the common bottlenose dolphin. They live in groups of 5 to 15, but can reach a few hundred on occasion. They usually can live up to 40 years or so. 

A strange behaviour is that they rub themselves against corals and sponges. Scientists suggest that this is to rid themselves of some sort of skin infections. 

Sharks and Orcas prey on them. Taiwanese fisheries during the 1980s also killed them off the  northwestern coast of Australia. Shark nets (to protect bathers) in South Africa and Australia also result in numerous deaths of this species.