Heaviside's Dolphin * Heraviside-dolfyn * Cephalorhynchus Heavisidii

They are endemic to the southwest coast of Africa and can be seen at L├╝deritz and Walvis Bay at times. Adults are short and stocky, with a maximum length and weight of 1.7 meters and 75 kilograms, respectively. The pod sizes are typically from 2 to 10. 

They prefer the cooler waters, but they do go far south as Cape Point. Rare sightings have been made near Hout Bay. They appear all along the west coast of Namibia and southern Angola. 
They are high energy dolphins, especially when they are nearshore. They are playful near boats and they often do bow-ride maneuvers. They can also be seen surfing in the waves.

They occupy a small home range of only 80km maximum. Some individuals have been noted in the same area for up to 10 years. The maximum dive depth recorded was 147 meters. Most dives are less than 50 meters though.  The dive duration is normally less than 2 minutes.

There are no exact numbers of this species, but current estimates put it at just over 6,000 individuals between Table Bay and Lamberts Bay, South Africa.
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