Sweet Thorn or Common Acacia or Karoo Thorn or Cape gum or Cockspur Thorn * Soetdoring * Vachellia Karroo

It is a shrub or small to medium-sized tree which grows to a height of 12m where water is plentiful. The leaves are finely textured and dark green. The abundant yellow flowers appear in early summer, or after good rains.

  • (Afrikaans) Fyndoring, Kaapse Doringboom, Doringboom, Karoodoring, Karoo-doring, Karoodoringboom, Khoeboom, Khoedoring, Mimosadoring, Mimosadoringboom, Nataldoring, Pendoring, Rivierdoring, Sambreeldoring, Soetdoring, Soetdoringboom, Suurdoring, Swartdoring, Witdoring, Witdoringboom.  
  • (English) Cape Gum, Cape Mimosa, Cape Thorn Tree, Cape Thorn-tree, Gum-arabic Tree, Karoo Mimosa, Karoo Thorn, Mimosa, Mimosa Thorn, Sweet Thorn, Umbrella Thorn, White-thorn, Whitethorn.
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