Shepherd Tree or Shepherd's Tree * Witgatboom * Boscia Albitrunca

"Albitrunca" refers to the oftentimes white trunk. Traditionally, the shepherd tree was used by Dutch settlers, "boers", to create a variant of coffee that is derived from the roots of the tree.

It is a common tree of the Kalahari, bushveld and lowveld. It is one of the most important forage trees in the Kalahari. This tree grows up to 10 m (33 ft) tall but is usually much smaller. It has a prominent, sturdy white trunk frequently with strips of rough, dark-coloured bark.

  • (Afrikaans) Grootwitgat, Grootwitgatboom, Grootwitgat, Groot-witgat, Grootwitgatboom, Jentelmanstam, Kaboom, Koffie, Koffieboom, Matoppie, Noenie, Noenieboom, Witbasboom, Witgat, Witgatboom, Witstam, Witstamboom, Witteboom.  
  • (English) Caper Bush, Coffee Tree, Emigrant’s Tree, Shepherd Tree, Shepherd’s Tree, Tree of Life, White Stem, White-stemmed Tree.
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