Ousus, Lady of the Kalahari (Piet Heymans)

Together with Henriette Engelbrecht, Oom Piet had written a book entitled, Ousus: lady of the Kalahari. Oom Piet had photographed four lionesses and their cubs drinking at a waterhole at Kousant in January 1993. 
Just over a year later, Oom Piet, saw one of the female cubs, with the characteristic notches in her ear, and knew that this was a cub he had originally photographed at the Kousant waterhole. Oom Piet took a photo of the regal lioness, which had now reached adulthood, surveying the landscape. He entered this photo in a photographic competition, and entitled it Ousus, which means older sister. 

It took over thirty trips to the Park since 1993 for Oom Piet to photograph and document the life of this lioness, he named Ousus. Ousus was not seen on every trip, and at times, Oom Piet became despondent. It was difficult to photograph and to track this lioness, as Oom Piet was restricted to gate times and to driving on the roads, and he was not able to visit the Park as often as he wished. 

Ousus lived for several years, and successfully raised a family of cubs. Her cubs, named Jan (after Jan Hamman, chief photographer of Die Beeld newspaper) and Freek, were often seen haunting the dunes. We were told that these two males are still seen today. Book No: 2500265

Author: Piet Heymans