Brown Hyena or Strandwolf * Bruin Hiena of Strandjut * Parahyaena Brunnea

The teeth, especially the upper, are very powerful and are shifted far back to the point of exertion of peak pressure on the jaws. The strength of their jaws is such that both striped and spotted hyenas have been recorded to kill dogs with a single bite to the neck without breaking the skin.

Hyenas are commonly viewed as frightening and worthy of contempt. In some cultures, hyenas are thought to influence people's spirits, rob graves, and steal livestock and children. Other cultures associate them with witchcraft, using their body parts in traditional African medicine.
Brown Hyena
Hyenas have relatively short torsos and are fairly massive and wolf-like in build, but have lower hind quarters, high withers and their backs slope noticeably downward towards their rumps.

Hyenas mark their territories using their anal glands. Among hyenas, only the spotted and striped hyenas have been known to become man-eaters. Hyenas are known to have preyed on humans in prehistory: Human hair has been found in fossilized hyena dung dating back 195,000 to 257,000 years.

Known as "Hi─Śna" in Afrikaans.

Hyenas are generally nocturnal, but they do hunt during the day when they are very hungry or when an opportunity presents themselves.