Striped Polecat * Stinkmuishond * Ictonyx Striatus

The striped polecat is sometimes called an African skunk. Generally they are black on the underside, white on the tail, with stripes running from their heads down their backs and on their cheeks.

The striped polecat is a carnivore. It has 34 sharp teeth which are optimal for shearing flesh and grinding meat. Its diet includes various small rodents, snakes, birds, amphibians, and insects. Due to their small stomachs, they must eat often, and have clawed paws to help them dig around in the dirt in pursuit of their next meal.

The striped polecat is a solitary creature, often only associating with other members of its species in small family groups or for the purpose of breeding. It is nocturnal, hunting mostly at night.

The striped polecat is an aggressive and very territorial animal. It marks its territory with its faeces and through an anal spray. The spray serves as a defence against predators, in a similar manner to skunks. 
The spray, released by anal stink glands, temporarily blinds their adversaries and irritates the mucous membranes, resulting in an intense burning sensation. Before spraying the opponent with this noxious fluid, the striped polecat often takes a threatening stance with its back arched, rear end facing the opponent, and tail straight up in the air.