South African Springhare * Springhaas * Pedetes Capensis

The springhare resembles a small kangaroo with well-developed hind legs, short front legs, and a long tail which comprises half of its body length. As well as a long tail, springhares have relatively large eyes and ears.
By Bernard DUPONT from FRANCE - Spring Hare (Pedetes capensis), CC BY-SA 2.0,
Is a medium-sized terrestrial and burrowing rodent. Despite the name, it is not a hare. Springhares live throughout semi-arid areas in southern Africa, preferentially in sandy plains and pans with short grasses. In agricultural areas, springhares can be considered a pest due to their destructive feeding on crops.

Springhares are nocturnal animals, who forage during the night and retreat to a burrow during the day. While sleeping in their burrows, springhares sleep standing, with their head and forelimbs bent down in between their hindlegs, and their tail wrapped around their feet.

They dig their own burrows on well-drained sandy soils. Springhares are herbivorous, eating a variety of plant matter, such as roots, stems, leaves, and seeds. Aside from the meat, San people use springhare skins for a variety of uses, such as bags and mats.