Small Spotted Genet * Muskejaatkat of Kleinkolmuskejaatkat * Genetta Genetta

Genets are slender cat-like animals with a long body, a long ringed tail, large ears, a pointed muzzle and partly retractile claws. Their tails are almost as long as the head and body.
Cat Kat
A genet is a member of the genus Genetta, which consists of 17 species of small African carnivorans.

The Cape genet is endemic to fynbos, grassland and coastal forests in South Africa. The South African small-spotted genet lives in woodland savannah, grassland, thickets, dry vlei areas in Angola, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia.

Genets are highly agile, have quick reflexes and exceptional climbing skills. They are the only viverrids able to stand on their hind legs. They walk, trot, run, climb up and down trees, and jump. They live on the ground, but also spend much of their time in trees. They are considered solitary.

They are omnivorous and opportunistically catch small reptiles, grashoppers, insects, spiders, but also feed on plants and fruit.