Serrated Tortoise or Kalahari Tent Tortoise * Kalahari Skulprand Skilpad * Psammobates Oculifer

The common name internationally, serrated tortoise, stems from the characteristic, ray-like shell pattern. The serrated tortoise is found in Southern Africa. Here it favours arid savanna and scrub desert vegetation types (e.g. Kalahari thornveld, bushveld and arid grassland).

it can be distinguished by its relatively low-domed shell which is strongly serrated (tooth-like projections) along its margins at the front and back.

The San used the shells of small animals to produce tobacco and perfume cases, a practice that is restricted today, due to nature conservation legislation to protect this declining species. 
By Bernard DUPONT from FRANCE - Kalahari Tent Tortoise (Psammobates oculifer), CC BY-SA 2.0,
Some San Bushmen sell juvenile shells to tourists as decorated snuff or perfume containers. Please do not support this trade, as numbers are dwindling.

This tortoise species feeds on certain succulents and other Kalahari plant species, and its specific diet means that it does not usually survive in captivity and usually soon dies when removed from its natural habitat. The Kalahari Tent Tortoise feeds on a large variety of plants.