Highveld Gerbil * Hoėveldse Nagmuis * Gerbilliscus Brantsii

This is a common species. The upper parts are pale rufous-brown, washed with brown. The underparts are whitish or pale buffy-grey. The hind legs are much longer than the forelegs. The tail is long, being about the same length as the head and body. The highveld gerbil is sociable, with several individuals living in close proximity to each other. 
By Andrew Smith (1797-1872) - https://archive.org/stream/illustrationszo00smitgoog#page/n175/mode/1up, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=48003446
Mouse Muis
It digs a complex burrow in loose, sandy soil which may extend for 6 m (20 ft). There are several entrances and a single nesting chamber. The animal is nocturnal, and chiefly active around dusk and dawn. Its diet consists of plant material, including the green parts and roots, and a small proportion of insects.