Greater Kudu * Koedoe * Tragelaphus Strepsiceros

Koodoo is the Khoikhoi name for this antelope. Bulls weigh 190–270 kg (420–600 lb). When a herd is threatened by predators, an adult (usually a female) will issue a bark to alert the rest of the herd.

During the day, greater kudus normally cease to be active and instead seek cover under woodland, especially during hot days. They feed and drink in the early morning and late afternoon, acquiring water from waterholes or roots and bulbs that have a high water content.
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Buck Bok
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Although they tend to stay in one area, the greater kudu may search over a large distance for water in times of drought. In southern Namibia where water is relatively scarce they have been known to cover extensive distances in very short periods of time.

In rare circumstances, sparring can result in both males being unable to free themselves from the other's horns, which can then result in the death of both animals.