Cape Serotine Bat * Kaapse Dakvlermuis * Laephotis Capensis

Animals roost in small groups of up to about 20 individuals, under the bark of trees, in hollow trees, in cracks in walls and under the eaves and roofs of houses whether thatched, tiled or covered in corrugated iron. Being unobtrusive, their presence is mostly unnoticed.

There is increasing evidence that bats may carry a wide diversity of viruses which they may pass on to other animals or human beings. For example, Australian bats can transmit the hendra virus to horses, which in turn pass it on to humans. This should not be seen as an excuse to get rid of bats. The public is generally advised against handling them because they may carry infectious agents, but they should cherish them for the services they provide. — Prof. Wolfgang Preiser, Stellenbosch University
By Simon J. Tonge -, CC BY 3.0,