Kalahari truffles, known as Nabbas

There are numerous edible plants that you will find in the Kalahari. One of the unique species is the Kalahari Truffle, better known to locals as Nabbas. You will find Nabbas in the Kalahari regions of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Angola.

Besides being a delicacy for the bushmen, these fruit-like plants are also eaten by meerkats, hiƫnas and bat-eared foxes amongst others. The survival of the Nabbas are influenced by overuse by humans, the reduction of available natural land and climate change.

Nabbas grow near the surface, which causes a crack in the surface after rain.
Photo credit. Celia Marais
A closer look at the surface crack
'They’re delicious - in texture and taste - a cross between a firm mushroom and a flavoursome potato, but somehow transcending both. Perhaps it’s because they are so quintessentially ‘Kalahari’ that they seem so special, perhaps they really are in a class of their own... ' - Roxanne Reid
Kalahari Red Dune Route