Bat-eared Fox * Bakoorvos, Bakoorjakkals * Otocyon Megalotis

Bat-eared foxes are considered the only truly insectivorous canid, with a marked preference for harvester termites, which can constitute 80–90% of its diet.

Bat-eared foxes are relatively small canids, ranging in weight from 3 kg to 5.3 kg. Their notably large ears are 11–13 cm long. Bat-eared foxes are adapted to arid or semi-arid environments.

In South Africa they are nocturnal only in the summer and diurnal during the winter.
Vos Jakkals
In addition to raising their young in dens, bat-eared foxes use self-dug dens for shelter from extreme temperatures and winds. They also lie under acacia trees in South Africa to seek shade during the day.

Bat-eared foxes are highly social animals. They often live in pairs or groups. The bat-eared fox has some commercial use for humans. They are important for harvester termite population control, as the termites are considered pests.