Tsondab Valley Lodge (W Solitaire 26km)

Entrance Gate on T-junction D1275 & C14 / 9km North of Solitaire. The Lodge is a 30min Scenic Drive away from the Entrance!

Tsondab Valley is your exclusive and remote destination; far removed from mass-tourism, offering you you the space and time you need to relax and forget the daily strains back home...

Our lodge consists of five extravagant bungalows; each featuring a roof terrace which is accessed by an outer staircase.

The bungalows are neat and robustly built with high ceilings and thick outer walls, which shield against heat and strong winds. They offer our guests a living room with two beds and a spacious bathroom with shower and toilet and 24 HR solar electricity.

Tsondab Valley's diversified environment with its petrified dunes, quartz ridges, marble mountains, canyons and dune valleys dotted with Camelthorn trees offers unlimited opportunities for expeditions and is an Eldorado for landscape photographers.

Discover the first red dunes in the Camelthorn Valley just downslope the lodge; or explore the 50m deep HIDDEN CANYON with the remains of past eras: fossilized roots, eggshells of the ancient ostrich, prehistoric stone tools and many more! Our route suggestions range from 45 min to half-day tours:

Website: https://www.tsondab.com/
Tel: 264 63 29 33 83 eMail: info@tsondab.com
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/tsondab
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