Doros Crater (SW Khorixas 100km+)

This area is very much a wilderness area, and there are no facilities or fuel. Set aside at least half-a-day to explore the area immediately north to the crater. This is a very interesting and beautiful landscape.

The Doros crater, is the remains of a meteor impact event. The view from the rim of the Doros crater is fantastic. The surrounding walls of the crater add to the sense of isolation. The walls aren’t equally high all the way round – the northern and eastern sections are the highest. Almost right in the middle there’s a large flattish granite rock for picnicking.

A nice approach to travelling to this crater, is along the West side of Brandberg D2342 to Brandberg West Mine / Ugab Save the Rhino Trust Camp. After that the route to take will be a 4x4 trail, which is recommended for experienced offroaders only. Take note that the D2303 is an extremely corrugated road. Note that on the Tracks4Africa map the roads shown with a thick line are OK two-spoor tracks but the dotted ones are slow and rocky.

Travel safe with your GPS & Tracks4Africa.

The Doros Crater 4x4 Trail is 70 km long. It is classified as difficult. The trail connects the end of the '4x4 Trail Across the Ugab Valley' and the start of the '4x4 Trail Through the Heart of Damaraland' to the D3254 near Twyfelfontein. The trail leads past Doro Crater - but not into it.

It starts in the middle of the absolute desert and takes you back to civilisation. You can ride this trail in one day if you start early. However, it is nicer if you take a little time to enjoy the landscape. You drive north along the Ugab, through the valley of the Doros River and cross the tributaries of the Goantagab River. A good view of Brandberg, a breathtaking view of the valley of the Goantagab River and a view of Burnt Mountain that is significantly better than that of the tourist point awaits you.

The trail is classified as difficult. The ride through the valley of the Doros River requires a lot of concentration from the driver, as the track is repeatedly crossed by smaller dry rivers. After the viewpoint of the Goantagab valley you have to go down a rather steep slope. The track into the valley didn't have any eroding during our last ride, but there is always a little scree in front of the tires. In two places near Twyfelfontein, slopes are badly eroded, full of loose boulders and decorated with deep holes. The entire last section of the trail is very rocky, so you have to drive with concentration.

3 maps show the course of the trails in detail. Demanding or difficult passages are marked in colour. All GPS coordinates required for the trail can be found on the maps next to the marked waypoints and in tabular form at the end of the trail description. Over 35 photos are included in the text to give you a good idea of ​​what to expect on the trails.

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