Kolmanskop (SE Lüderitz 10km)

In 1908, Zacharias Lewala, a railway worker, found a diamond in the desert. This would mark the birth of the ghost town.

The small town of Kolmanskop has since been reclaimed by the sand, but 120 years ago it was home to a busy diamond mine.

Intensive mining depleted the area by the 1930s. In 1928 the town's fate was sealed when the richest diamond fields ever known were found on the beach terraces to the south. The townspeople left in droves, abandoning homes and possessions. By 1956, Kolmanskop was completely abandoned.

A permit is required to enter Kolmanskop and must be purchased at the Kolmanskop gate or Luderitz Safaris and Tours located in Luderitz.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolmanskop
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