Kanaan Desert Retreat (N Aus 150km)

33000 hectares of beautifully-preserved landscape in the Namib Desert is a photographer’s paradise.

Exquisite meals are served at the lodge that overlooks the magnificient valley and dunes below. Guests can relax on the lodge veranda and watch the sun set or they can take a stroll to the pool adjacent to the lodge.

Luxury Canvas Tents
We offer eight breath-taking, private, en-suite luxury canvas tents overlooking a watering-hole. Our rates include dinner and breakfast.

We also offer eight self-catering campsites, each with it's own shade-netting, ablution facilities and braai area.

Dubbed “Namibia’s Dream Road”, the D707 winds past Duwisib Castle, quaint villages and ever-changing, endless landscapes – you won’t want the journey to end. But when you do, make it Kanaan.

Website: https://www.naankusecollection.com/establishment/kanaan-desert-retreat
Tel: 264 81 681 74 22 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenaankusecollection
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