Klokkiebosch (Jacobs Bay)

The guest house blends in with the Jacobsbaai building vernacular and is luxuriously decorated to make guests feel welcome, pampered and relaxed.

Delicious breakfasts are served on the veranda, weather permitting. Scrumptious lunches and dinners are served on request.

Klokkiebosch offers two luxury suites and two luxury rooms, all with sea views and en suite. Within 100 meters from the shore, pathways allow for relaxing walks along the shoreline around Smalbaai or to the rocks where the waves crash energetically. Spectacular sunset walks or enjoy this unique West Coast experience from the veranda.

Website: https://klokkiebosch.co.za/ Tel: 27 22 715 3059
eMail: info@klokkiebosch.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Klokkiebosch-Guest-House-858522404329911