Kom tot rus (St Helena Bay)

This is the only town on the West Coast where the sun rises and sets over the sea. The beach is part sandy part rocky and suitable for long walks. Whale mating and calving season is between August and November.

Our beach house is perfectly situated on the shore, inviting you to a peaceful and relaxing getaway. With two large rooms - a main bedroom and a second bedroom - our beach house offers a retreat for the whole family, or even a large group. A fully equipped kitchen and large living room, accompanied with adjacent indoor braai facility, offers the perfect space for entertaining.

Our cottage invites you into a relaxing and quiet West Coast retreat. You've got your own stretch of St. Helena Bay beach out front and a private porch where you can relax, sand between your toes. Inside, a three-bedroom and fully equipped kitchen gives you all the space you need to feel at home. With the main bedroom's scenic view of the ocean you'll enjoy sunsets and sunrises comfortably, and the second bedroom with double bed and 3rd bedroom providing space for two more people bunk beds). Our outdoor braai facility is perfect for your West-Coast getaway.

Website: https://www.komtotrus.co.za/ Tel: 082 258 9522 eMail: komtotrus@absamail.co.za