The Quiver Tree Forest (S Kenhardt 10km)

Some 10km south of Kenhardt on the R27 in the Driekop area. Tracks4Africa will get you there.

The quiver tree (kokerboom in Afrikaans) is perfect for the arid region around Kenhardt. This slow-growing plant, with smooth bark and greyish-green leaves, is able to store water in its trunk, helping it survive the dry periods. Named for the fact that its wood was used by the Bushmen to make quivers for their arrows, this tree has helped other creatures as well. Weaver birds use them to build their nests in an area short of trees. The kokerboom, a giant member of the aloe family bursts into yellow flowers in winter.

Just 10 km south of Kenhardt, on the Brandvlei road, there is a forest of four to five thousand of these amazing trees, in a nature reserve (free entrance), where you can take a 4km hike, especially striking at sunset. You will be transported into another world. The trees silhouetted, the quartz along the trail and the silence. Remember to take water as it is very hot in summer, and of course, your camera.

The spot below marks the area of the quiver tree forest.