Stinkfontein & Matjieskloof Campsites (N Eksteenfontein 20km)

Matjieskloof Campsite
Fluorspar Circle Route with Basterfontein & Sun Valley Campsites
Stinkfontein Campsite
Area in perspective
Pay for your camping and permits in Eksteenfontein, at the tourist information centre. Navigate here with Tracks4Africa. The below upgrades were planned to be completed by December 2008.

Details of the roads
North-South Road (80.6km): Running from Eksteenfontein, at the southern end of the conservancy (core area of the Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape WHS), to the Rosyntjieberge on the North Eastern boundary. 

The road includes the Fluorspar Circle route as well as roads leading to Stinkfontein and Matjieskloof camp sites. The route includes both 2x2 and 4x4 sections. It provides 2x2 access to the proposed Basterfontein overnight hut as well as to Fluorspar Valley (via the southern branch of the Fluorspar circle route) The remainder of the route is accessible to bakkies / 4x4’s only.

Stinkfontein Camp Site Site Description
This site lies high up on the south-eastern slopes of the Stinkfontein Mountains. It has magnificent views of the valley floor below and has previously been used as a stock post and by informal campers. The site itself is located on a relatively level section of the mountain just below a kloof. The site is rocky with a fair amount of scrubs, bushes and grasses present. Access is up a steep track (to be upgraded) off the North-South Road. There is no access to water.
Upgrade of Site
The site will be upgraded by demarcating and formalizing parking and camp sites. A dry-pit toilet will be erected by using the remains of an old shelter, away from the camping area. Capacity of the site will be for 3 vehicles with 3 to 4 people each.

Matjieskloof Camp Site: Site Description 
This site is situated at the base of Matjieskloof on the north-eastern slopes of Stinkfontein Mountains. Plenty of “matjies” that is used by the Nama people to build a “matjieshut”, used to grow at this site. The site was previously used as a stock post and has been used informally as a camp site. The area is rocky with a reasonable amount of vegetation. There is an old reservoir which used to store water tapped from the natural spring higher op the kloof. The kloof itself is relatively lush and green. Access is by 4x4/bakkie off the road to Slootfontein, an extension of the North-South Road. 
Upgrade of site 
The site will be upgraded by formally designating the camp sites and parking areas and constructing a dry-pit toilet, out of sight of the camping area. No water from the spring will be utilised, it will be left as natural as possible as an attraction for people to walk to and experience. The capacity of this site will be for 3 vehicles with 3 to 4 people each.