Rooiberg Guest House & Kanikaip Camping (NE Eksteenfontein)

Pay for your camping and permits in Eksteenfontein, at the tourist information centre. Navigate here with Tracks4Africa. The below upgrades were planned to be completed by December 2008.

Detail of the roads
Rooiberg Circle Route (33.5km): 
This road connects Eksteenfontein via a section of the NorthSouth Road to Rooiberg Guesthouse and to the Kanikaip Road which runs down to the Orange River. This road as well as an access road to the proposed Namastad is upgraded to allow for 2x2 access.

Kanikaip Road (21km): 
Runs from the Rooiberg circle route down to Kanikaip camping area on the Orange River. This road is upgraded to allow for better 4x4 and bakkie access to the rivier. Kanikaip of Xaminxaip as it is written in Nama - Xami means “water” nXaip means “loose sand”

Kanikaip camping & picnic spot: Site Description 
Located on the banks of the !Gariep (Orange) River, this site is used by informal campers and river rafters. The site itself consists of grassy terraces on the lower banks of the river and steep, sandy upper banks covered with Rosyntjie trees. Access and parking is along a sandy track running along the upper bank. 
Upgrade of the site 
The site will be formalised and upgraded by demarcating a parking area and formalising the fire places that already exist. Two dry-pit toilets will be erected away from the river as well as a boardwalk to improve access and to reduce erosion of the sandy river banks caused by informal paths. The planned capacity of the camp is 3 sites with 3 to 4 people each.

Halfmens picnic spot: Site Description 
This site is located next to the road on route to Kanikaip camp site and the Orange River. It lies on an exposed neck between two mountains, is rocky and sparsely vegetated. It is an old camp site, but is currently predominantly used as a parking area for people wishing to walk to two Halfmens plants in the nearby vicinity. There is no access to water. 
Upgrade of site 
The site will be upgraded to provide shade, parking and braai facilities for people wishing to visit the Halfmens trees. A dry-pit toilet will also be installed. The site will be able to cater for 3 to 4 vehicles. 
Area in perspective