Pontoon at Sendelingsdrift (Richtersveld Ai-Ais TFP)

The old pont, that was last in service in 1988, when South West Africa (now Namibia) was still governed by South Africa, has been restored and offers an unusual and convenient way of crossing the Garib (Orange) River that separates the two countries. 

Before the opening of this border a very inconvenient 485km detour and about 4 hours drive had to be undertaken to cross from one side of the Park to the other.

Pont / Ferry Regulations:
  • Maximum carrying capacity is 6 Metric Tones or:
  • 2 standard 4x4 vehicles without trailers
  • 1 standard 4x4 vehicle with trailer
  • 2 standard light motor vehicles with trailers
  • 1 bus with a seating capacity of less than 20Hours:
Summer and winter: 8:00 – 16:15 (weather permitting)

For further information please phone the the park on 027 831 1506