Namastad (N Eksteenfontein 5km)

The below was planned. If a recent visitor can leave a review and the exact location it would be appreciated.

Namastad Site Description 
The site is approximately 5 kilometres from Eksteenfontein, just inside the Richtersveld WHS, 1 kilometre off the North South Road. It is situated on a level section of ground at the foot of a circle of mountains forming an amphitheatre around the site. 

The site is gravely and sandy underfoot with scattered vegetation and one large tree growing in the nearby riverbed. Al relative large number of Aloe pililansii trees have been discovered on the slopes of the nearby mountains. The site will be easily accessible by 2x2 vehicle once the road has been upgraded. 

The idea for a Namastad came from the Nama community who saw an opportunity for a small business offering overnight accommodation to tourists who would like to experience Nama culture and which could also offer Nama people the opportunity to make use of a traditional Nama facility for the holding of ceremonies, celebrations and social events. 

The Nama people are very aware of the risks of their culture and heritage being exploited, and to this end are determined to ensure that the Namastad and the activities surrounding it will not denigrate the Nama people of their culture, but rather allow them the opportunity to express themselves and their culture as they see fit. 

The plan is to construct 5 medium sized huts to be used for accommodation, and one large hut which can be used for holding ceremonies and functions. One large skerms (shelters) will also be erected to provide additional space for people to eat and gather together. Two dry-pit toilets will be installed.