Kamfers Dam (N Kimberley 7km)

Just north of the Northern Cape’s capital city, Kimberley, is the magnificent Kamfers Dam; a reservoir that covers some 400 hectares. Kamfers Dam is a privately owned dam that has seen periods of being a completely dry pan. However, the water level has risen in considerably recent years due to the runoff from the ever-growing city of Kimberley, making it a veritable wetland.

Thousands of the lesser flamingo use the Kamfers Dam as one of only four breeding sites in Africa. For any birder this is one of the highlights of a visit to Kimberley.

Kamfers Dam is particularly significant for its being one of the very few breeding sites for the Lesser Flamingo, which is smaller and paler than its contemporaries.

These beautiful birds can be seen in their tens of thousands as they feed and breed in the region. Kamfers Dam and the area around it form a designated conservation zone. This is important, as the flamingos are classified as being “Near Threatened”, and it is vital that they be provided with a safe environment in which to live.

This wetland is also being threatened by urbanisation and pollution. It is part of the tourist’s responsibility, and that of the locals, to ensure that they treat the area with respect, not littering or exploiting the natural resources that have earned this zone such acclaim.

Kamfer's Dam is on the outskirts of Kimberley, on the northern side of the city. September and October are the best months to see Flamingos on the Dam, although they are present year round. 

There is no cost to visit the Dam and view the flamingos. 

There is no good viewpoint as you cannot get close enough. Therefore you may be disappointed.