Fluorspar 4x4, Sun Valley & Basterfontein Campsites (N Eksteenfontein 30km)

Area in perspective
Pay for your camping and permits in Eksteenfontein, at the tourist information centre. Navigate here with Tracks4Africa. The below upgrades were planned to be completed by December 2008.

Details of the roads
North-South Road (80.6km): Running from Eksteenfontein, at the southern end of the conservancy (core area of the Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape WHS), to the Rosyntjieberge on the North Eastern boundary. 

The road includes the Fluorspar Circle route as well as roads leading to Stinkfontein and Matjieskloof camp sites. The route includes both 2x2 and 4x4 sections. It provides 2x2 access to the proposed Basterfontein overnight hut as well as to Fluorspar Valley (via the southern branch of the Fluorspar circle route) The remainder of the route is accessible to bakkies / 4x4’s only.

Basterfontein Site Description
The site is located just off the North-South Road, halfway between the turnoffs to Fluorspar Valley and Sun Valley on a koppie that faces the eastern slopes of the Stinkfontein Mountains. It is accessible by 2x2 vehicles. Basterfontein was once a stock post with a good supply of water pumped from the nearby borehole. Baster means “tussenin” or in between? because the fountain didn’t supply all through the year. 
Infrastructure for Site
Tourist accommodation for 6 to 8 people in the form of a basic overnight hut will be provided. The hut will be built up against a rock ridge near the top of the Koppie. The hut will provide basic accommodation for people to overnight and explore the northern section of the conservancy. There will be basic ablutions available in the form of a shower and toilet.

Sun Valley camping site: Site Description
This is site is situated at the bottom of Sun Valley on an exposed ridge of rocks. The site is rocky with sparse vegetation and is near to a sandy river bed. Access is from the Fluorspar Circle Route along a steep rocky pass and along a sandy river bed. It was previously used as a campsite with basic ablution and braai facilities which have since become dilapidated. There is no access to water.
Upgrade of site
The site will be upgraded by demarcating new camp sites formalising parking areas. The old dry-pit toilet and shower will be repaired and a new braai area constructed. The capacity of this site once upgraded will be for 3 vehicles with 3 to 4 people each.

Fluorspar Valley Picnic Area: Site Description
The site is located amongst the ruins of an old abandoned mining settlement in the Fluorspar Valley. It is as sparsely vegetated site alongside a river bed and in the vicinity of an old house and disused dry-pit toilet. There is no access to water. The mineral, fluor-spar, was mined in the earlier years and transported on a regular basis to O’kiep Copper Mine. The mine was operated by Fred Daniels that held the mining rights for the area.
Upgrade of Site
A shade shelter with a table and benches will be erected and the dry-pit toilet repaired and upgraded to provide picnic facilities for people traveling along the Fluorspar circle route.