SAMIVA Museum (Colesberg)

SAMIVA was established on 12 April 2014 with the aim of creating a home (formally) for all South African Military Information Veterans, something that did not exist up to that point. Many projects, mainly to assist veterans in need, have been launched over the recent period and a difference has been made.

The idea of ​​establishing Colesberg as the cultural headquarters came into being because Colesberg is centrally located in the Republic and because the area rightly has a rich military history. The most important reason, however, is surely the fact that Van Zylsvlei Guest Farm (7km outside Colesberg pass on the Phillipolis) belongs to our Secretary, Mr Deon Dohne and his wife Annalie. Deon kindly offered that SAM IV A could have a home on Van Zylsvlei.

The museum idea also comes from Deon. There are such a large number of 'treasures' that our members have, and rather that the items go to waste or lie somewhere in a suitcase in a garage, Deon suggested that we display the items. He had the museum built from his own funds and is currently furnishing it with display cabinets etc.

Some of the items that will be displayed include, SAW, SWAGM, Cuban), FAPLA and East German uniforms dating from the Bush War, as well as the Drag No. 1 B of the first commander of the SA Information School (Kimberley), Genl Maj Chris van Zyl. Many other interesting things will also be on display.