Rolfontein NR (S Vanderkloof 2km)

Sixteen kilometres north of Petrusville and bordering on the Vanderkloof dam the Rolfontein Nature reserve is situated in the upper Karoo. The terrain is made up of Karoo plains dotted with dolerite buttes (known as koppies), as well as mountains with wooded kloofs.

The white rhino, Burchell’s zebra, brown hyena, springbuck, gemsbok and other antelope can be found in this reserve, as well as the more elusive aardvark and aardwolf.

The Piet Barbet hiking trail is a short 4km meander through the park, but hikers are welcome to explore further, as long as you make arrangements with the park management in advance. Visitors can picnic in the reserve and overnight accommodation is available in tented camps and there are two overnight huts for hikers. Reviews are not great.