Molopo Eco Trail


The Molopo was once one of the great rivers in Southern Africa, starting in the Mahikeng area. It mouthes into the Orange river at Riemvasvasmaak, just north of Augrabies Falls National Park, some 950km from it's origin. The river looses all it's water due to seepage and evaporation, as in some places the river is wide and flat.

It is more of an eco route rather than a hardcore 4x4 route. In the rare case of localized rain, there could be a chance that you can get stuck.

You can start this trip at a few places from the east. 
  • The Molopo Game Reserve, which now falls into the North-West province, is one such place. From here it is about 350km to the next fuelstop if you travel all along the Molopo route. Refuel at Vorstershoop or Vanzylsrus before you set out on the route. 
  • From the Van Zylsrus area in the east towards Kalahari Molopo Lodge in the west, as the map below indicates. This route distance is about 180km.
  • You could also do the trail by turning left 2.5km (from the south) short of McCarthy's Rest border post. From here it is about 250km to the next fuelstop. 
There is nothing worse than watching your fuelgauge continiously when you travel. The golden rule is to always fill-up when you can. You also do not want to miss out on a chance to visit an unplanned place on a trip, just because you may not make the next fuelstop.

View the following 2 maps and include some of these remote places in your next trip.