Namaqua 4x4 Eco-trail (Vioolsdrift) - Eksteenfontein - Kuboes - Sendlingsdrift

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This route takes you from Pella to Vioolsdrift and from Vioolsdrift to Alexander Bay. You could choose both if you so wish.

Website: You do the bookings directly from the website. You will receive a detailed brochure when you book. There are 2 parts. Package 1 Pella to Vioolsdrift. Vioolsdrift to Alexander Bay. eMail:

Vioolsdrift Area
Eksteenfontein Area & Helskloof Pass. Beware, there is another Helskloof Pass in the Richtersveld as well. The pass is encircled below. The pass is about 14km long. Travel with 2 vehicles recommended. This is not a difficult pass.
Helskloof Pass Video
Kuboes Area
Brandkaros Area
Alexander Bay Area
Sendelingdrift Area