Namaqua 4x4 Eco-trail (Pella) - Klein Pella - Grootmelkboom - Goodhouse - Kamgab

Route Points of interest on Google Maps. Use Tracks for Africa for this route.
This route takes you from Pella to Vioolsdrift and from Vioolsdrift to Alexander Bay. You could choose both if you so wish.
  • From Pella head to the river if you want to camp the first night there. There is an interesting alternative route from the river back to Pella.
  • Camping at Klein Pella have ablutions.
  • Grootmelkboom camping spot - Nice area although tree was struck by lightening.
  • Ramansdrift camping spot.
  • Kamgab camping spot - a favorite. Nice 4x4 drive down the Kamgab river to Oranjeriver.
Website: You do the bookings directly from the website. You will receive a detailed brochure when you book. There are 2 parts. Package 1 Pella to Vioolsdrift. Vioolsdrift to Alexander Bay. eMail:
Charles Pass. This pass will leave an everlasting impression on you. It is a track with a few tricky sections. Rocks, sharp stones and patches of soft sand.
Pella Pass. An easy route, except for severe corrugations. The route connects Pella with the water purification works of the Orange River, and follows a pipeline which carries water from this plant to Pella and further afield.
Go to the interactive map for the passes.
We ourselves got stuck through Charles Pass on one occasion. Be prepared to get yourself out of trouble. A high-lift jack is in action here.
Klein Pella Area
Witbank Area
Groot Melkboom Area
Goodhouse Area
Kamgab Area and the Road to Hell. Road to Hell must be travelled with more than 1 vehicle and is not for the faint hearted. Unfortunately once you reach the river, you will have to come all the way back on the same route. Steep gradients. No trailers. You do not have to go through Road to Hell to do the trail.
Road to Hell preview video.
Image source: Uli von Kapff
Vioolsdrif Area
Pofadder to Klein Pella
Klein Pella to Grootmelkboom
Grootmelkboom to Goodhouse to Kamgab
Full Trail video - Pella to Vioolsdrift