The Growcery Camp Richtersveld (NW Vioolsdrift 22km)

The Growcery Camp is 22km west of the Vioolsdrift and Noord Oewer Border post. This border is the 24hour border post between Namibia and South Africa. The Camp is in South Africa and on the banks of the Orange River. Overlooking the Orange River and Namibia will be your views from Camp.

The Chic Shacks offer Vioolsdrift accommodation at an affordable rate in a beautiful setting. Our rooms have been constructed from reclaimed materials. Each one sleeps, two people. These rooms come with bedding, and guests have access to shared bathrooms constructed from river stones. We love our huge showers, and so will you!

Vioolsdrift Camping at The Growcery Camp offers private campsites with magnificent river and mountain views. These are unobstructed views of the Orange River and Richtersveld Mountains. These private campsites will range in size and location. They all come standard with grass, indigenous trees, and great locations.

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