Tankwa Tented Camp (S Calvinia 100km)

A Tented camp and campsite almost halfway between Ceres and Calvinia in the Tankwa karoo. Tankwa Tented Camp offer you the use of the 13 permanent ripstop canvas tents, covered with shadecloth. The origanal farmhouse (hartebeeshuisie) is used as a communal kitchen and lounge area for the self catering tents.

The tents share communal toilets and showers. Warm water is done by a donkey system with wood. Most of the tents are equiped with 2 single beds each.

Situated in the 3200Ha Stonehenge Nature Reserve, the camp borders the Tankwa National Park on two sides. The Tankwa river, normally dry, except after heavy rains, runs through the farm.

With the annual rainfall in the area of about 80mm, it is the driest part of South Africa and perhaps the least populated area in SA. Vegatation is mostly Gannabush on the low lying areas. Hoodia, (also known as Gharp) grows naturally on the property.

The reserve host a number of annual events, of which the "Bike & Fly Inn" attracts about 25 planes and many bikes every year. AfrikaBurn is hosted on a dry pan (April), while the other big fun event is BikeBurn in May.

AfrikaBurn usually attracts about 10,000 people on the Stonehenge Farm. They wear weird costumes, have "mutant vehicles" and much more. Free spirits reign here that add a sense of unity. The letting go of material goods plays a big role here with the return to the essence of human nature.