SA & Namibia Border Control Information

What you require:
  • Passport valid for 6 months for each person, including babies.
  • SA drivers license.
  • Vehicle registration documents, including those for trailers & caravans
  • Authorization document from bank if your vehicle is still financed
  • One emergency triangle per vehicle
  • One ZA sticker per vehicle, trailer or caravan
  • Other precautions
    • Visum required for more than a 90 vacation
    • Medical insurance
    • Authorization from your vehicle insurer
    • Most border post does have card machines, but always have enough cash on you in case of a problem. N$1=R1.
    • In winter Namibians turns their clock back by an hour. (1st Sunday in April to 1st Sunday in September)
    • Always fill up with fuel where you can.
    • Cellphone. Setup "roaming" up front. Costs will be higher.
    • There is a malaria risk in the wetter northern parts.
    • Using Tracks4Africa is suggested, especially if you intend to visit remote places.
Regulations on what you may take in or not:
  • Per Person
    • Two cartons sigarettes, 50 sigars, 2lt wine, 1lt of the hard stuff
    • No firewood
    • No pork
    • No red meat, unless it is coocked
    • Bringing fish back to SA, you will need a permit from the SA Fisheries Department
    Border Posts Namibia - SA