Richtersveld Route Maps & Passes

Routes to follow on Google Maps.

General Info

Swartpoort Pass. This is an easy pass and starts almost as you leave Sendelingsdrift.
Halfmens Pass. This is a bit more tricky, but at 20km/hr there should be no problem. There are some sharp bends. Low range is advise for good control. It derives it's name from the Halfmens succulent which is endemic to this region.
Halfmens Pass Video.
Akkedis Pass. The pass is about 6km long. Nothing too serious. Take it slow and easy. That's it.
Maerpoort Pass. The total length is about 9km. Here and there there is a technical piece, but nothing too serious. This is a good place to take some pictures.
Maerpoort Pass Video.
Domorogh Pass. Probably the most difficult of all the passes.

Richtersberg Pass. The pass is only about 2km long, with a very short section a little technical, but nothing serious.
Richtersberg Pass Video.