Mokala National Park General Info

No, there are no predators or ‘big’ game (like elephants) but the slow pace, and fewer tourists, means that your visit is pure peace.

Mokala National Park is one of South Africa's newest National Parks, proclaimed only in 2007. It is also informally known as the park where endangered species roam, because of its breeding and re-allocation of animals for use in other national parks and game reserves.

The landscapes are a gentle mix of both Karoo and the Kalahari landscapes, whilst from the hills drain small tributaries that merge into the Riet River.

Mokala comes from 'kameeldoring' or camel thorn tree (Acacia erioloba), a tree common to this semi-desert region. You will find it throughout the Northern Cape – where it grows in a variety of guises - anything from a rather insignificant two metre shrub to a sixteen metre high tree.

Local people have used the bark and gum to treat coughs and colds, and even the seeds have been roasted and used as a coffee substitute, whilst giraffe are often seen feeding from the thorn covered branches and leaves.

There are not any predators present in the reserve and visitors report that the black and white rhino, Cape buffalo, tsessebe, roan, giraffe, eland, kudu, gemsbok and black wildebeest are a lot more relaxed as result. The odd leopard has been spotted, although they're infrequent visitors, but there are jackal, caracal, aardwolf and bateared foxes, as well as aardvark.

Enjoy mountain biking, day walks, sunset and night drives, and bush braais. The reserve is the locale of the Mokala Rhino Classic Mountain Bike Race.


"Where Endangered Species Roam"...Mokala is SANParks' newest park. It is situated approximately 85km south-southwest of Kimberley. Nestled in the hills, Mokala's landscape boasts a variety of koppieveld (hills) and large open plains.

Here you will find Buffalo, Roan Antelope Sable Antelope, Black & White Rhinoceros, Zebra, Black & Blue Wildebeest, Springbok, Impala, Gemsbok, Kudu, Eland, Red Hartebbeest & Tsessebe, African wild cat, Caracal, Black-backed jackal, Brown hyena, Aardwolf & Small spotted genet amongst others.