The story of Roger and Eileen Jackson (Twee Rivieren)

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According to legend, the Scottish born Roger Duke Jackson surveyed the Northern Cape region. Jackson named many of the farms after landmarks in homeland Scotland, after World War 1.

It was only in 2011 that his grandson, confirmed that Roger Jackson was born in Knysna during 1833, along with his 2 brothers and three sisters. His dad was Maximillan James Jackson, the magistrate who had a great deal to do with the Korana War in the Northern Cape. He was a second generation South African.

Jackson was responsible for surveying and setting out the entire Northern boundary of SA. Over a period of 8 years since 1914, Roger Jackson one of South Africa's pioneer surveyors, managed to subdivide 1 097 000ha of land into 88 farms amd 3 police Reserves.

Roger got married in Knysna to Eileen Francis May Brock in 1914. She was from Scotland. It was her job to look after the camp while Roger was about doing his survey work. It was also Eileen, with the help of the San, who had to find food and water. It is believed that it was Eileen who gave the places there Scottish names (like Auchterlonie and Monro), and indeed out of homesickness.

Eileen had a head of fiery red hair and stood only 4"9". She became an extremely good hunter and the family home was adorned with the skulls of her "trophies".

Eileen used to ride an ox and on one of her hunts she was taken off her ox by a leopard and fortunately for her a San tracker beat the animal off and managed to get to her, badly mauled, back to camp. On her recovery, she tracked the leopard down and took her revenge.